The unit is capable of control via Wi-Fi, 3G/4G
or LAN hardwire connection from a smart phone,
tablet or computer
Controls six thermocouple channels
Monitors an additional six channels
Runs one or two independent heat treatment programs (controls 3+3 or 2+4 control zones) at the same time
Selectable holdback to control temperature differentials
Heat treatment profiles up to ten segments
Operates and records in °F or °C
Six output thermocouple sockets (for use with separate recorder if required)
Range 0-1200°C (0-2200°F)
Max ramp 1200°C or F° per hour
Max soak length 99 hours 59 minutes
Chart can be viewed from the LCD screen in real time
Chart and job specifications can be printed using any
Windows compatible device and Cooper8 software
Multiple languages available on request
Colour, 7 inch, LCD screen, with touch screen control