50 KVA Heat treatment Module

 Transformer Core

• Three phase, forced air cooled, class H, 50kVA

• Primary winding connected in Delta

• Secondary winding connected in Star


• Auxiliary winding: 110V a.c. 3.3kVA single phase

Primary Supply

• Primary voltage: 380V, 415V, 440V

• Primary current: 76A, 70A, 66A


• Frequency: 50/60 Hz


• Three phase 80A circuit breaker with shunt trip

• Three primary core winding over temperature


thermostats linked to circuit breaker shunt trip

Secondary Output

• Output: 32.5V – 0V – 32.5V (for 30V and 60V heating

element operation)

• Auxiliary outputs: Two 110V, 10A, 50/60Hz output


• Number of temperature controlled output channels: 6


• Maximum load per output channel: 8.1kW (e.g. three

60V, 2.7kW heating elements)


• Maximum current per output channel: 135A


• Case: 304 Stainless Steel case fitted with four 150mm

nylon wheels

• Weight: 330kg

• Height: 110mm

• Width: 680mm


• Depth: 665mm

Temperature Control

• Case: Temperature measurement, display and control

• Degrees Fahrenheit or Degrees Centrigrade

• Start temperature

• Temperature ramp up and down in degrees per hour


• Hold/soak temperature set point and hold/soak time period setting


• Six double pole, 180a, contractors with 110V a.c. coil